Dehesa de los Canónigos

Dehesa de los Canónigos is one of the major historical domains of the DO Ribera del Duero. Located in the Douro Valley, halfway between Valbuena and Pesquera de Duero, in the so-called Golden Mile of the Ribera. The name refers to the first owner, the Cabildo of the Cathedral of Valladolid, composed of 22 monks. Meanwhile, it is a family business with the 5th generation, brother and sister Belén and Iván Sanz Cid in charge. The domain has an area of 500 hectares, of which 60 hectares are covered with the finest vineyards. The vineyard is a privileged enclave located on the slope of a hill with North-South orientation at 800 meters above sea level. The focus of Dehesa de los Canónigos is solely to make top wines in the DO Ribera del Duero.