Pazo de Rubianes

Timeless emotions between the vineyards and the camellias, enjoy the contact with nature and with our roots in existence. This historic place with a beautiful botanical garden, surrounded by vineyards with magical places and buildings of more than 600 years old, gives a beautiful picture of the history of Pazo de Rubianes. Discover the Albariño of the Camellias … The most extensive vineyard in the Comarca Del Salnés. The vineyard is present in the Pazo de Rubianes from its origins. Here too, the phylloxera devastated most of the vineyard until the eighteenth Lord of the House of Rubianes, Don Gonzalo Ozores de Urcola, replanted the vineyard in the 1990s and now it is about 25 hectares. Rubian’s neighbors have a saying that refers to the vineyard of Pazo de Rubianes: “Ós viñedos do Marqués dalle o sol ata de noite” (the vineyards of the Marquis even get sun at night)