Molí Parellada

Molí Parellada was founded in 1987 as a small family business in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the capital of the Cava. The winery is located in an old paper factory in the heart of the beautiful Penedès region. Francisco Domínguez, oenologist and owner, is the driving force behind the cavas of Molí Parellada. All Moli Parellada-Cavas reflect the special, unusual Penedès region, with its typical Mediterranean climate, mild winters and dry, hot summers that define balanced and distinctive wines. The personal touch is very recognizable in the final product. Molí Parellada has 2 categories of cava: Clos la Soleya and Mercat. Clos la Soleya-Cavas are fresh and young, with a Mediterranean character. With a subtle aging process – between nine and fifteen months – these brut, brut nature and rosé are perfect for perking up aperitifs and all kinds of parties. They are cheerful, fruity Cavas, based on nothing but respect for the traditional method and local varieties. Mercat Cava is the most exclusive line produced by Molí Parellada. Mercat-Cavas, consisting of Reserva, Rosé Reserva and Grand Reserva, have always been aged for more than two years and have the best qualities of the best Cavas: delicate and anointed. Their elegance and austerity perfectly define this superior Cavas from Molí Parellada.