Bodegas Guimara

Bodegas Guimara is owned by BRUSIL and offers a delicious selection of Spanish quality wines from 5 different wine regions, namely Ribera Del Duero, Rioja, Rueda, Cigales and Extramadura. Each of these wines is the direct result of our personal collaboration with the better winemakers and oenologists. In this way we ensure that our quality wine goes directly from the producer to you. All our wines are bottled on the estate itself and bear the “D.O.” (Denominación de Origen) quality label. Each and every one of them is the result of hard work, knowledge and years of experience. Bodegas Guimara offers you tasteful white, rosé and red wines. Together with our wonderfully sparkling Cava, every table experience becomes a party. Bodegas Guimara wines stem from our passion. You can taste it immediately.