Terres de llum

Generation after generation our ancestors have cultivated olive trees as the most valuable treasures of their land. This passion is our living legend; this makes “Llum del mediterrani” one of the best olive oils in the world. The families of Leonardo Pepió and Bautista Puig, dedicated to the agriculture and cultivation of olive trees, unite their lands and farms for the production and sale of olive oil. Terres de llum wants to appeal to the most exclusive taste buds in the world, who appreciate the quality, properties and uniqueness of our products. Terres de LLum has a team of professionals from the agricultural sector and the business community and wants to offer olive oil from millennial olive trees produced with the highest quality standards. The olive trees are unique monumental trees in the world, at 1.30 m above ground with a trunk circumference of 3.5 m. These trees are numbered and cataloged. Our olives are collected under the supervision of an agricultural technician and finally the oil is packaged in the darkness in order to maintain its purity and its unique properties and to only see the light when you first open a bottle.